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​What is vegan?

Vegan (veganism) is defined as the maximum exploitation of animals in food, clothing and shelter.It is a philosophy and a way of life that stops cruel acts and race discrimination.


I do not eat meat such as livestock, seafood, game (game), eggs, dairy products, lard, or honey.

More than just a food style
It goes without saying that we do not select fur, wool, leather products, cosmetics developed through animal testing, etc., which are produced at the expense of the lives of animals, as much as possible.
In recent years, we have called for the abolition and prohibition of cruelty to animals and commercial exploitation by horse races, aquariums, and circuses.,Animal help and speaking out is gaining momentum around the world.
Among those who were involved in the animal industry, the number of people who have changed their way of life while receiving support from animal relief organizations has increased significantly.
​Being veganAnimals that live together on the earth are "beings with feelings and emotions" like us humans.recognized as
Their lives have no pain, no cruelty, no confinement (in recent years, they have started to be called animal-people).claim the right to
i.e. "animal rightsThe concept of ” is spreading worldwide.
We human beings living in modern times need to demonstrate more compassionate and evolved ethics,
It's easier than ever before.
Alternative meat, alternative fish, and alternative dairy products developed by scientists around the world,
Very popular all over the world.
Investors are lining up for vegan product development startups.
Instead of putting people first and pursuing profit, we want animals to live more comfortable lives.
All over the world, the way society itself should be, the revision of laws, and discussions are becoming active.
Japan has not practiced large-scale livestock farming like other countries for nearly 1,200 years, based on a very high Buddhist sense of ethics.He forbids eating meat and lives a life that seeks kindness in the treatment of animals.The only country in the world
Once again, think about the precious actions and ways of thinking of our ancestors​,Benefits of choosing a vegan dietabout
I would appreciate it if you could think about it.
The animal friends who live together are their loveliness,It heals humans with its nobility, beauty and purity.
I sincerely hope that the earth will be a place where beautiful animals can live without suffering, and that human society will become a society.

Vegan benefits
go veganIt's all good for the global environment and our society

1. It can save the lives of animals


o Save the 55 billion land animals and billions of fish that are slaughtered worldwide each year,
Ecological balance can be restored.
〇It is said that more than 70% of marine life has already been depleted in the present era of mass extinction of species, but it can lead to recovery.


1. Stop climate change and global warmingRu


〇The livestock industry is the largest source of methane gas, with 37% of all methane gas emissions from livestock..
〇 51% of annual greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock and animal husbandry.

2. Fresh water resourcesObserve ​,stop deforestation

o The meat industry is involved in large-scale deforestation around the world.
〇 Nearly 70% of the Amazon forest, called the lungs of the earth, has been developed into nomadic land.
You lose 55 square kilometers of rainforest to make just one beef burger.
​〇 It is possible to eliminate the pollution of precious freshwater resources from the pollution of water sources, which is a problem mainly in pig farms.


3. Conflicts can be reduced by eradicating hunger


〇 The grain and water consumed by the livestock industry can be used by 900 million people suffering from hunger.

〇 40% of grain production is used as feed for livestock.
O The world's starving population is about 805 million people, and one in nine people is starving.
presentCurrent grain production can feed 3-4 times the world's population.
〇 Livestock (cows, pigs, chickens) in developed countries require 11 kg of grain per 1 kg of beef, and 7 kg of grain per 1 kg of pork.
​ We consume 4 kilograms of grain for every kilogram of chicken meat.
"I'm consuming."
o Crop shortages are a constant source of conflict in human society. veganToIt can be said that becoming is the first step to true peace.
〇Russian great writer and pacifist Leo ToRustoy is“As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will always be battlefields.”"

"As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields."​ ~Leo Tolstoy

I have left the saying.


5. The key to stopping zoonotic diseases


〇 Zoonotic diseases that have been repeated in human history have a great impact on our daily lives.
The pandemic of the new coronavirus has claimed a huge number of lives around the world and has caused humans to domesticate animals.
"It was an event that made me reconsider the harmful effects."
75% of new infectious diseases in the human world originate from unsanitary livestock farming environments.
​ Every year, a huge number of livestock animals are culled due to bird flu, swine fever, etc.
The mental stress of the Self-Defense Forces and workers who continue to kill them
It is said that many people suffer from PTSD.
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